Education and Training

Education and Training

Individual understanding of your ERP system in order to get the most from your investment is a top priority for any company. Efficiency and accuracy will improve as users gain insight in their business area as well as in their touch points across the integrated environment. There are many layers of knowledge in a complex ERP system. Every applied user goes from general awareness to deep understanding as appropriate to their role. It is important to check in with end users to see where the training gaps are and to provide the necessary training and documentation to get them to the next level of understanding.

Properly Handling the Number One Issue with ERP Systems

Issues or events that dictate the need for a good training assessment include staffing changes, process changes, new initiatives, accuracy issues, and upgrades. Additionally, users could benefit from refresher courses several months after go-live. They will have great new questions since they have had ample time to use the system in a practical manner.

DAZ is able to provide many forms of training to solve current gaps in understanding. We are also able to develop documentation to provide work instructions used for the training. On-site training can be set for departments to provide the best captive teaching and feedback arrangement. For shorter duration training sessions, we are able to provide remote training to a user’s desktop (or many users) using the same type of materials. This can be useful when time is limited or scope does not warrant being on-site.

A proper system audit almost always leads to some identified training gaps. Without an audit, we can survey users and managers and come up with a targeted training program that suits your company needs. This is a great investment in your ERP system and for your end users. 

DAZ can provide a unique combination of proven project approaches, industry extensions, and related services. To discuss what we can do for your business, contact the DAZ Sales Team.