Application Support & Development

Application and Development Support

Functional and technical (development) support are provided as a component of a managed service agreement for live customers. Functional support personnel are divided into their key business areas, the most common being finance, supply chain/distribution and manufacturing. Our functional resources will understand the complete module suite in their business area. Technical resources are essentially developers with a deep knowledge of the database tables and programming standards necessary to support Oracle applications.

Additionally, DAZ uses a support manager for each customer to provide one key resource to manage the relationship. Support managers are, without exception, experienced functional support personnel. Due to their understanding of the product and the customer, support managers are effective at managing customer issues.

Application Support

All functional consultants are capable of doing application set ups and creating application solutions: design, setups, testing, user training and support. The functional consultants in support are trained (knowledge transfer) to support each of their customers and are ready to help when problems arise. Functional consultants can also provide on-site support as necessary. Many of our functional consultants are scheduled on site routinely on specific days to support meetings and other customer events. For RICE (reports, interfaces, conversions and extensions), it is the Application “Functionals” that create the specification and design solution based on customer requirements. 

Development Support

Support developers are typically either helping to solve production issues or are involved in longer term development projects. They have a complete set of development skills including knowledge of Oracle Application interfaces, database tables, and enough Functional knowledge to create effective RICE solutions. Collectively they also maintain a unique set of skills such as SOA, OAF, ADF, BPEL, AOL, AIA, OBI, MWA, Java, EDI, PIP, GWT, Oracle PaaP and other technologies to support DAZ customers.

DAZ can provide a unique combination of proven project approaches, industry extensions, and related services. To discuss what we can do for your business, contact the DAZ Sales Team.